First Confession

My two most dreaded – and the most frequently asked – questions:

  1. How are you feeling?
  2. So what have you been up to?

For me the answer to these supposedly simple questions is either complicated, embarrassing, or something I’d really rather not think about. So I usually pretend, avoid, or out-right lie. Especially to the first. I’ve done it so often and for so long that if I answer the phone, go somewhere, or am face-to-face with someone who doesn’t live in the house that I do it without thinking.

I’ve been told this is a bit of a problem. This condition doesn’t have any obvious outward signs like a rash or a cough, so if I don’t tell people how I’m feeling how are they supposed to know. (I was amazed they didn’t just know, I mean, it’s obvious right?)

So this is one reason for this blog. I’m practising telling the truth, learning how to talk about having ME/CFS, and giving a voice to this condition which is so often too quiet to hear. I’ll keep it short for this first confession – baby steps. (I may use those words quite a bit. They’re sort of a thing I say which I’ll go into another time.)

Any fellow sufferers out there, or do you know someone with the condition? What are your most dreaded questions, and how do you answer them? Post a comment if you’re feeling brave, or go to the contact page to message me directly.

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