Web-View: NHS

The first link I chose when looking for information on ME/CFS was the NHS website, assuming it was going to be trustworthy, up-to-date, and have plenty of information.

The condition can be found in the Health A-Z (or use the link above) under Chronic fatigue syndrome or ME. Both take you to the same pages, titled ‘Chronic fatigue syndrome’ which then offers various sections:

  • Overview – divided further into an introduction, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Clinical trials
  • Community
  • At the right-hand side are lists of useful links, both within the NHS site, and external

On the Overview the information is reasonably well laid-out and easy to understand, but it’s pretty general: gives the basics and little else. (Which I guess is kind of the definition of an overview)

The clinical trials tab offers a database search of trials currently taking place. You can filter by whether or not they’re recruiting, trials for children, and which country they’re taking place in. Selecting a link takes you to further details of that trial.

The community has a forum for questions and blog posts, although I’m assuming you need to join/sign up to participate. As you might have guessed from my lack of detailed knowledge, I haven’t been active here, only peeked at the initial page.

Overall I found the website has good basic information which I trust to be accurate at the time of posting (Somewhere on the page should be a ‘last reviewed/next review due’ date) and it seems to be checked every couple of years. I guess a slight concern is, is that often enough to count it as up-to-date? Then again, there haven’t been any major changes in the basic understanding of symptoms, treatments, or causes, and presumably if there were the people who maintain the site would know and update accordingly. Although it doesn’t have masses of detailed information, it offers links to places where there is more: more details of the condition, more support, more information on research.

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