Web-View: ME Association

The ME Association website was the second stop on my research trail after checking out the NHS offering, and there’s a whole lot going on here. Below are the items on the top menu:

  • Home – gives a few sentences about each section of the site
  • About ME – what is ME/CFS, symptoms and diagnosis, causes, explaining ME/CFS to other people, treatment of ME/CFS.
  • About the MEA – what they do, who’s involved, how to get involved
  • Support – how to contact their helpline, search for your local support group, and information on councelling services
  • Research – current, published, volunteering for, and how the MEA supports reseach (and chooses to which to support)
  • Helpful Services – adverts for products and services that may interest ME/CFS sufferers
  • Contact us
  • How you can help – how to make donations, fundraising events, sponsored activities, fundraising support, ideas, and more
  • MEA shop – books, leaflets, merchandise and gifts, join the MEA

Down the right-hand side are additional links to join the MEA, visit the shop, see the latest news, contact and donation information, quick links to the latest posts, and a searchable archive.

I thought this whole site gave an impression of competence, understanding, and support, which is what they say they’re about.

ME Association: “Informing and supporting those affected by ME/CFS.”

The information is presented clearly in organised, easy-to-assimilate chunks with more details available if you’re willing to pay a small amount to get one of the many leaflets on offer.

The leaflets themselves come in two formats: you can buy online, paying slightly less to get a downloadable version, or send off an order to get a physical leaflet posted out to you (costing a few pence more). The leaflets are approximately four sides of A4, and are available on a variety of topics from general information to medical management to benefits and social care.

I actually first visited this site several years ago but didn’t look at it in detail for two reasons. One, since I was using the computer I know I must have been feeling reasonable and two, when I’m feeling better I try not to think about anything to do with ME/CFS. Sort of like pretending it’s not there. Until it is. I wish I had taken a closer look because there is so much good information here. As well as getting a few of their leaflets to look through, I found my local ME/CFS support group, I’m still reading through some of the information on the website, and I plan to check back now and again to see what research is going on.


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