Bedtime Stories

As a babies and young children my brothers and I were read a story most nights by our parents.Related image

As we got a bit older we had a cassette player that would tell us several stories whenever we wanted. Morris and Doris, James and the Giant Peach, Just So Stories, Johnny Tomorrow, Enid Blyton. . .

At different ages, each of us stopped.

When I was 20ish, I resurrected the tradition of the bedtime story. Now I would listen to Enid Blyton on CD, and there were newcomer’s too: Agatha Christie, MC Beaton. . . music sometimes. Why am I telling you this? Because in addition to being a slightly embarrassing confession (my topic of the day) it’s something I’ve discovered that can help me get to sleep when I’m having difficulties.

By listening to the story my mind stops thinking and making lists, I settle and calm, and I fall asleep. Not always more quickly, but at least I don’t feel the time dragging in the same way. Obviously it’s a bit annoying, keep drifting off in the middle of a story and loosing chunks, but you just have to find roughly where you were the following night and you can go on from there. It also doesn’t matter if you know the story (it can actually be a bonus if you do) because in this instance it’s a tool; a way to shut off your brain and get some rest at last.

This may seem ridiculous or impractical compared to many sleep-therapies, but it really does work for me. Maybe it could for you too. Plus, there are plenty of audio-books to choose from these days!

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