Symptom: Pain

Muscular pain, joint pain, headaches and migraine. . . ME/CFS sufferers can have them all. Or none. They can also vary in severity from an being an irritation, to a constant and disabling affliction.

According to the ME Association, approximately 75% of people with ME/CFS suffer some degree of pain.

Unlike many aspects of this condition, this symptom can be treated using any of the usual methods of pain relief: drugs, acupuncture, massage, herbal remedies, a hot bath. You just have to find the thing that works for you.

Thankfully, I haven’t suffered too severely with this symptom. I used to have joint pain and headaches a lot, but I seem to have left that behind. Mostly. Now I get headaches sometimes and the occasional migraine, and it’s a fortunate person indeed who can say they never have either of those so I’m not complaining.

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