Symptom: Affects on the Nervous System

Basically the nervous system is the thing that transmits signals around the body, and if something interferes with it, all sorts of things can be affected. Some symptoms people with ME/CFS may suffer from in relation to the nervous system are:

  • Difficulty with temperature control, and night sweats
  • Tachycardia (rapid heart beat) & palpitations
  • Narrowing of blood vessels can cause facial pallor, cold hands and feet
  • Sudden changes in blood pressure can cause a feeling of faintness or fainting
  • Difficulty with balance
  • Disruption to sensory nerves can affect how you feel pain, pressure, temperature. It can also cause numbness, pins and needles, or an increased awareness of sensation

Usually none of these symptoms are life-threatening in themselves, but they can cause more serious issues. They can also be scary, debilitating, frustrating, or at the very least an additional problem to struggle with.

Apart from people constantly saying how pale you look, or the possibility of falling and injuring yourself, there are other considerations. If you feel you can’t trust your senses, it’s another reason to shut yourself away from the world. Ditto for feeling faint or having uncertain balance – even if you don’t fall you’ll probably be worrying that you might. Feeling cold is another thing that encourages you to stay curled up somewhere, and just putting on more layers really doesn’t help. Take it from one who has tried it!

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