Waiting. . .

I don’t do well with waiting. Maybe not many people do. But I’m really bad at it, whether what’s coming is something I’m looking forward to, indifferent about, or wish I could avoid. If I have to do whatever then let’s get on with it!

Sometimes I don’t even know I’m having problems until someone points it out. You see, when I’m waiting for something I have difficulty concentrating. I get fidgety. I have trouble deciding what to do, and then more trouble starting and sticking with it. I have a waiting feeling that just won’t go away. I’m not anxious, I’m just not. . . right. If I work at it I can occasionally get past it, but whatever I manage to produce is not my best.

Like this.

I wanted to write something to explain my recent silence. I’d thought it was just my brain going on strike, but I realised today I’m waiting, and I only hope the feeling will go away soon. Until then I’ll try to keep posting something, though I wouldn’t swear as to quality. It’s the effort that counts though right? That’s what people say?

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