!This is Not a Treatment!

The subject of this post is not a treatment and I’m certainly not recommending people go out and pursue this without due consideration, but for the female sufferers of CFS/ME there is something that might make you feel better. It does require a certain amount of thought, preparation, and commitment however.

Would you believe thatĀ getting pregnant offers approximately a 75% chance that your symptoms will show improvement? That’s right. It’s a known (and mostly accepted) fact, although it isn’t broadcast as a treatment for (hopefully obvious) reasons.

There are a few things to consider. Firstly it involves getting pregnant and having a baby. Secondly, the degree of improvement varies from none right the way through to almost complete recovery. Thirdly, in some cases the improvement doesn’t outlast the pregnancy. In other words, you feel better while you’re pregnant but once you’ve had the baby it’s back to how you were. Fourth, a small number of people do feel worse.

Just to make this crystal clear: getting pregnant is not a cure, it can’t even be called a treatment, and I’m not recommending anyone go out and try this.

Can you imagine though. You have a life-long condition and someone says to you ‘hey, there’s this operation with a 75% chance you’ll see definite improvement. The catch is, in exchange you have to be parent to this child.’ Would you go for it?baby-200760_640.jpg

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