My laptop is home and working – thank you repair gremlins! Turns out Windows updates don’t always install themselves properly, and if they don’t they can break your whole computer. (I’d like to come up with some clever metaphor or meaning to gain from this incident. . . But can’t.)

Instead I’ll just be happy nothing was seriously broken, no information was lost, and really it was all sorted out relatively painlessly and quickly. (I’d like to say I’ve got tons of posts piling up that can now at last be spilled forth. . . But that would be untrue.)

And I literally can think of nothing else to say other than I have nothing else to say at the moment so. . . Here’s hoping I’ll find something to say tomorrow! Ideas anyone?

Site Notification – Technical Issues

I am (for once) having technical issues rather than health issues. Turns out that both are as irritating as each other, though in different ways!

The issue is, my laptop died. The incident occurred on Monday, the laptop is now away being diagnosed, and I am awaiting the call that will tell me a) whether or not it is fixable, and b) how much it will cost. Trouble is that I missed a deadline because of all this curfuffle, and apparently while I wasn’t looking I went and got attached to the thing so I’m rather upset on its behalf. And that’s as well as having to get on without my writing/internet/mini-game provider.

In the meantime I have turned back to paper and pen– no, I couldn’t find paper this morning (although I did have a pen for some reason) so I turned to my mini-whiteboard for writing space. I’ll try and fix up a photo of that because it’s quite funny. Anyway, I’ve now also been leant an old monster laptop, which I am not on good terms with for various reasons (difficult to type on, internet is unreliable and slow, takes forever to start up, mouse-pad doesn’t work brilliantly, none of my passwords, most-used sites or sign-ins are there. . . I could go on but I won’t. Except to say that it just isn’t the same and I miss my own laptop. Cries just a little bit.)

So if you don’t hear anything for a while, that’ll be why. I guess an enforced break might not be the worst thing in the world. Sigh. Or I could say I’ll get back to normal as soon as possible.

Wish me luck with this monster laptop that is currently crushing my legs as I wrestle this single post out of it.

Teeth & Bones

The Renegade Press

“You may not realise it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”

  • Walt Disney.

One of the most universally recognised concepts of ancient Chinese philosophy is the idea that all things exist as contradictory, yet inseparable opposites. Commonly known as the Yin and Yang, the principle states that there can be no light without darkness; no man without woman; and no joy without sadness. The earliest known depictions of the Yin and Yang characters are found on the skeletal remains of animals that were used in divination practices as early as the 14th century B.C.E. The Oracle Bones were carved with various symbols that served as questions to deities, before being subjected to extreme heat until they cracked. Those cracks were then read by diviners, and interpreted as the word of their gods.

Interesting, right? But completely irrelevant…

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Quick Note

I’ve been using ‘PV’ as shorthand for my condition because I always think of it as ‘Post Viral’, however. . .

From my reading, the most commonly-used and accepted term at present is ME/CFS, so that’s what I’m going to switch to. This is done in the hope that more people will recognise and understand the abbreviation, and be more comfortable with it. As well as using it in new posts, I will be going through old pages and posts to change it over.

My apologies for any confusion this has caused or will cause.