10 Reasons I’m Not Quite Human

I finally figured it out: I am a plant person. As in part person, part plant. Here’s the evidence, see what you think.

  1. I love the sun. Not lying in it necessarily but just being out in it. And sun on skin is best, to feel that warmth sink deep inside to your bones. . . Mmm, bliss! Plus, if it’s sunny I have trouble settling to things inside. I just have to be outside, and I get this problem even if I don’t know it’s sunny at the time.
  2. As long as it’s warm enough I’m more than happy to be grubbing in the garden, and I’ve several times been called a garden gnome because people find me sat on a pile of soil, surrounded by plants.
  3. I don’t like wearing gloves when I’m gardening unless I have to because it means I can’t feel the soil or what I’m doing properly.
  4. I talk to plants. We have whole conversations where I encourage them, or apologise for pruning them but explain how they will feel much better for it, try to persuade them that if they went this way they really would do better. Often they listen too.
  5. I go into a semi-hibernation during winter – sleep longer, do less.
  6. I like colours, and flowers, and fresh fruit and veg. . . (Would that make me a part-cannibal too?)
  7. If I don’t eat and drink regularly I start to droop and look very sad.
  8. I like being useful, and when you think about it most plants are in one way or another.
  9. I can be stubborn, resourceful, tenacious, and other words like that when the occasion demands.
  10. I see death merely as a part of life – If you live, at some point you die.

So there it is, what’s the verdict? Animal, vegetable, mineral, or crazy? Let me know!


(Photo from http://www.pooktre.com via wikipedia)